Free WhoIs query for the past

If you want to find out whom had once belonged to a domain or a website that has usually not many options. If you have changed recently, the data on the website, perhaps can understand more data using the Google cache. The Google cache regularly compile copies of Web pages, which can then be viewed via the link The Google cache, however, does not constitute an Internet archive as from, the web pages indexed automatically and regularly and these and the course of time documented literally for years. So who is in Google cache nothing more can also use the Wayback Machine on or Netcraft, as recently described in this article. Maybe give more details here.

Alternatively, a Whois query for the past be started. Services, which only make use of the data of the respective awarding bodies to help here, of course not, because they always can only report on the current owner. For this purpose, a kind Screenshot of the then WhoIs entry is almost necessary. Therefore you need a service that has at that time read out and filed the whois data. Since this is associated with a rather large expense, there are not many suppliers here.

So has the commercial service DomainTools Whois History a query, which lists any changes to the whois of a domain. DomainTools can though increasingly cost a little so that the access to the Whois equal proposes data from the past with a few dollars on the bill.

There exists only one that I know of an alternative to domain tools, namely the Domain Archive query on This site also archives regularly data from the whois records, but does not document any change in the whois, must be upheld, the data probably not too often and regularly as DomainTools from. Those who want to get fast times in experience, who has heard a domain three or four years ago, for the service on is just right!